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Hi! I'm Nico, a software developer from Montreal, Canada. I'm passionate about all things tech and thrive in a fast-paced environment. I'm always seeking to improve my coding and design skills, and recently took an interest in creating audio VST plugins.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy producing electronic music, creating 3d stuff and designing.

My goal is to always be pushing myself to become a better programmer and designer, and I bring that same ambition to any projects I take on.

Currently working on

Messing around with so-vits-svc-fork and Drake model

about 1 month ago


Here are a couple of personal projects I've recently been working on. All the frontend dev, backend dev and design was created with a lot of coffee.


Tiny app to get your daily unique visitors & page views from Plausible Analytics.


Help people improve their music skills through a variety of different modules. More info coming soon!




Chattr is a free 1-to-1 P2P audio/video and chat platform. It provides a secure way of communicating on the web. Besides chatting, you can also watch Youtube videos in-sync with a friend, as well as share your screen. The project is still in its infancy and more features will likely be added.


With over 200 tutorials and presentations, TAP community has helped thousands to learn more about music software development. I was asked to redesign & code the new version of their website.


One of the latest tracks I'm working on, a remix of "Drake - Back To Back". The music was made in Ableton Live, while the cover/background was made in Blender.

Back To Back Remix


Me in 3d