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Hi! I'm Nico, a full-stack developer from Montreal, Canada. I'm passionate about all things tech, currently working at Neutone on UI for audio plugins.

When not coding, I enjoy producing electronic music, creating 3d stuff and designing.

My goal is to keep pushing myself everyday into becoming a better programmer and designer aka always keep evolving.

Currently working on

New year, new Blender donut lol

25 days ago


Here are a couple of personal projects I've recently been working on. All the frontend dev, backend dev and design was created with a lot of coffee.


Teamed up with UK artist/programmer DJ Fresh to create this new AI audio project.


Part of my TuneSpace project, this is an online drum machine I made so that anybody can freely create and export their own beats.


Tiny app to get your daily unique visitors & page views from Plausible Analytics.


With over 200 tutorials and presentations, TAP community has helped thousands to learn more about music software development. I was asked to redesign & code the new version of their website.


One of the latest tracks I'm working on, a remix of "Drake - Back To Back". The music was made in Ableton Live, while the cover/background was made in Blender. PostFXs are done using GLSL.

Back To Back Remix


Me in 3d